How to Qualify and Register for New York’s Medical Cannabis Program


Diagnosis of a life-threatening and/or severely debilitating conditions are prime requisites to treatment through Medical Cannabis. In New York State’s Medical Cannabis Program, Patients, Practitioners, and Registered Organizations go through a step by step process to ensure appropriate treatment through a holistic care and recovery program. Patients, practitioners, and product producing organizations are managed by the Department of Health in order to provide a centralized health care system. Life-threatening illness and severely debilitating conditions are the primary qualifications for registration in the Medical Cannabis Program.

It is found that through the Medical Cannabis Program, patients, suffering from severe diseases such as cancer, HIV, and AIDS, can enjoy the symptomatic relief of pain, nausea, and insomnia. Among other relief benefits, active ingredients in Cannabis are being used to treat neurological and inflammatory symptoms. The proper diagnosis, administration, and rehabilitation through Medicinal Cannabis offer severely ill patients a wider range of treatment. The New York State Department of Health Medicinal Cannabis Program publishes qualification and registration information for patients, practitioners, and organizations, which can be found here:

In an effort to stay within the bounds of legislation, patients must ensure that their treating practitioner is registered with the State’s Department of Health. Otherwise, it would be advised to find a registered practitioner: New York State patients can get access to a registered practitioner through a database on the Department of Health’s website. Once patients have discussed treatments through their registered practitioner, they must obtain a certification from their registered practitioner and register with the Department of Health. Online registration and application is available. Simply log on to the corresponding links on the Department website. Once the patient registration has been processed and approved, a registry ID will be received in the mail. Purchases can now be made in authorized dispensing facilities and organizations.

Treatment with registered practitioners ensures the quality and viability of the Medical Cannabis Program. Patients can then get access to a wide array of options such as liquids and oils for vapor inhalers, and capsules for oral intake. A practitioner, under the rules and regulations of the Department of Health, must be a licensed, good standing physician in order to qualify as a registered practitioner. The physician practitioner must undergo a 2-hour course in order to be fully qualified in handling Medicinal Cannabis cases. Topics in relation to the course include pharmacology, contraindications, side effects, dosage, risks and benefits, and precautionary measures against dependence and abuse.

Alongside Cancer, the positive diagnosis of HIV and AIDS, PTSD, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, damage to the nervous tissue on the spinal cord and more are qualifying cases for Medicinal administration for Medical Cannabis. The complete list of qualifying conditions can be found via the New York State Department of Health Website. Simply access the patient information to get the necessary information on qualified illnesses.

Further information on dispensing locations and facilities can be accessed via the New York Department of Health website

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