Our Products

CITIVA’s product formulations are the result of evaluating years of observational research and anecdotal evidence. CITIVA does not follow the so-called “one size fits all” model with our pharmaceutical formulations. Our products are designed to treat specific indications or disease states. Each formulation contains a ratio of cannabinoids that has shown consistent effectiveness in treating a specific condition. Like typical pharmaceuticals, our formulations are developed and tested in state of the art facilities using techniques that adhere to the strictest international guidelines for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical development.

THC Level citiva Clinical Indications:
0.4 mg THC Citiva Epilepsy and other seizure disorders
THC Level citiva Clinical Indications:
3.5 mg THC Citiva Night formula: Cancer related symptoms, ALS, AIDS, Neuropathies, Insomnia, Arthritis
THC Level citiva Clinical Indications:
5 mg THC Citiva PTSD, MS, PD, IBD, Anxiety/Depression, Cancer related symptoms, Epilepsy, Arthritis
THC Level citiva Clinical Indications:
10 mg THC Citiva Fast Pain Relief, Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Neuropathies, Opiate Alternative, Cancer related symptoms
THC Level citiva Clinical Indications:
6 mg THC Citiva Day formula: Cancer, ALS, AIDS, Neuropathies, Cancer related symptoms, Arthritis
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