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To benefit all patients by improving access to medical cannabis, enhancing therapeutic outcomes, and reducing cost.citiva-medical

Cannabis is a critical component of the healthcare protocols of many individuals suffering from debilitating diseases.

Citiva works to benefit patients by improving access, enhancing therapeutic outcomes, and reducing cost.

Citiva’s investment in the education of patients, healthcare providers, and communities reflects its commitment to meeting patient needs.

About Citiva

Founded in 2015 by a small group of New York healthcare professionals, Citiva Medical set a simple yet ambitious goal: to provide patient access to the therapeutic effects of cannabinoid medicine.

The Citiva Medical team had witnessed the beneficial effects of cannabis extracts administered to epileptic children and many other patients with a wide range of conditions. Thanks to their established team of experienced professionals in New York, Citiva Medical has a unique capacity to carry out its mission.

Citiva Medical is focused on expanding patient access to medical cannabis.

Medical marijuana products have the potential to revolutionize the way pain and the symptoms of a wide range of conditions are treated.

The early signs are there. Citiva Medical believes that we can do better by New York’s Medical Marijuana Program patients by offering them effective medical marijuana products that are tested, reliable and consistent.

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