Austin Gray

Chief of Horticulture


Austin Gray is the Chief of Horticulture for Citiva, supervising its cannabis growing operations worldwide.  Before joining Citiva in 2015, Austin had more than a decade of hands-on experience in growing and supplying cannabis for the California medical cannabis program.  His work in California involved every aspect of cannabis production from facility design and set up to growing and processing.  Through his company, Gray Garden Designs, Austin also counseled other growers in resolving design and operational issues in cannabis production.  As an outspoken advocate of medical cannabis, he has worked closely with legislators, patients, and fellow advocates to highlight the potential benefits of this amazing plant.  He also owns a blog, Cannabis Considered, where he addresses current topics in the field of cannabis.

From the very beginning of Austin’s involvement in the medical cannabis industry, it was clear to him that cannabis had great potential to help many individuals with otherwise intractable conditions.  He is now working with Citiva Medical to make that promise a reality.  Austin is committed to growing a consistent quality product that can be used to help those in need around the world.

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