Recommend Cannabis Before Prescription Drugs

watch   Due to a confluence of legal and cultural factors, healthcare professionals generally recommend cannabis as last resort; considered only when other treatments have been unsuccessful. This attitude persists even though extensive data shows that cannabis provides safe and effective…

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How to Talk to a Loved one about Medical Cannabis

miglior sito per comprare levitra generico spedizione veloce   Medical cannabis has become nearly mainstream. Millions of people around the world use cannabis to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms. Twenty-nine states in the US recognize the therapeutic value of cannabis and are willing to defy the federal government to ensure…

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Why We Use the Term Cannabis

go site   There are many terms in use for the plants in the cannabis genus. Marijuana, ganja, weed, and hemp are some of the more familiar synonyms. Some of the nomenclature reflects a quality about the cannabis. For instance hemp is…

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