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CITIVA wants to be your partner in creating a science based, patient focused medical cannabis business in your home state or country. CITIVA can help emerging medical cannabis companies by providing expertise in the many and varied facets of the industry from seed to sale to legal, quality and trusted branding backed by sound research, and access to our global network of proprietary data. CITIVA’s consulting services can help your budding enterprise avoid common mistakes, navigate byzantine regulations and offer you the tools to create standardized safe and effective cannabis medicines.

Creating a science based, patient focused medical cannabis business is a profoundly involved process that requires the expertise of a variety of skilled individuals. An expert horticulturalist can consistently grow large quantities of high quality cannabis, granted they have high quality genetics to work with, but that raw material still must be extracted, tested and put into standard medicinal delivery methods. Once the product is manufactured, it requires a business team to sell it and manage resources, as well as an operations/logistics team to ensure products and raw materials move efficiently down the assembly line and on to end users. If a company is truly dedicated to finding out which cannabinoid profiles are most effective for different symptoms, it should also employ a data collection system, and a doctor to collect and analyze patient data.

Besides the practical aspects of running a business, a medical cannabis entrepreneur must also contend with problems unique to the cannabis industry. The most significant of these are security and fluctuating regulation. Cannabis is a high value product and businesses often conduct business using cash (though this is beginning to change), therefore it is essential to have a comprehensive security plan. Extensive and often changing regulation means that it is best to have legal representation that is well equipped to handle the unique needs of a cannabis company.

CITVA is ready to make your medical cannabis business a success for you and the patients who will come to rely on it. CITIVA employs talent from across the spectrum of necessary skills for the cannabis industry and well equipped for any contingency. Our state of the art research infrastructure ensures that CITIVA and our partners will remain on the cutting edge of cannabinoid science. Our branded products will become products your patients and bottom line can depend on.

Please contact us if you would like to explore a partnership with CITIVA.


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