Law and Cannabis in the US

Cannabis law in the United States is complicated, unevenly applied, and fraught with controversy. It is also a relatively new area of focus, so even many attorneys are unaware of the many contradictions and intricacies of the laws and policy…

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US Opioid and Cannabis Policy are Incompatible

Across the country communities are suffering from opioid addiction in epidemic proportion. For the first time in modern history overdose is killing more Americans than automobile accidents. Around 30,000 people are dying each year from opioids. Some have described it…

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CITIVA Submits Application to Grow Cannabis for LSU

On Friday, CITIVA was one of seven companies to complete an application to Louisiana State University (LSU) for their medical cannabis program. LSU and the state of Louisiana accepted 7 final applicants for consideration. The chosen applicant would run the…

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Shaping the Future of Cannabinoid Medicine