CITIVA Joins LSU to Discuss the Future of Cannabis Medicine

CITIVA’s CEO, Kim Volman, and Chief Medical Officer, Jack D’Angelo M.D., joined researchers at Louisiana State University for a discussion about the future of cannabis medicine. As the nation’s medical community begins to recognize the medical benefits of cannabis, universities and research institutions across the country, including LSU, are seeking to understand the plant and the most effective ways it can be applied medically.

Mr. Volman discussed how he found his way into the medical cannabis business and his vision for its future. A successful pharmacist by trade, he told of how before getting into the industry he was unfamiliar with cannabis’ medical properties. As he he sought to become more educated on the subject he became convinced that he must get involved. Seeing a lack of professionalism in the industry as a whole CITIVA’s team stressed the need to provide a truly medical model with standardization of products and involvement with doctors.


Dr. D’Angelo tackled the subject of the medical community’s involvement with cannabis medicine. Following two informative presentations on defining what cannabis is and how it works in the body, and also another very promising study on cannabis and HIV onset, , Dr.D’Angelo spoke of the need for greater understanding from the medical community and available physician education in order to treat chronic conditions.

Dr. D’Angelo a successful pain management specialist, continues to see first hand the ravaging effects of the nation’s opioid epidemic and discussed how medical cannabis can be used as a safe alternative.

Speaking to his audience of medical professionals and political leaders, he outlined the’ need to incorporate medical cannabis into the patient practice as they would any other medicine in order to create better patient outcomes. He effectively demonstrated the benefit of collective patient monitoring and evaluation of outcomes for the continued betterment of the industry and our understanding of the effectiveness of cannabis as a medical treatment.

CITIVA is very excited to see that prestigious institutions like LSU are finally taking the science of cannabis medicine seriously. We stand ready to support this important research.

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