Clinical Trials

Medical Symbol and CannabisCITIVA is dedicated to developing safe and effective cannabinoid medicine within a peer-reviewed medical model. This is essential because once cannabinoid medicines endure the rigorous process of drug development they will gain greater acceptance in the medical community, and more people in need will gain access to life-changing medicines.

To carry out this ambitious endeavor, CITIVA has brokered a unique collaboration with the University of the West Indies (UWI). UWI will host our research and development facility in the medical sciences building on the Mona Campus in Kingston, Jamaica. Our medicinal formulations of cannabis extract will be created for use in future clinical trials. Pharmaceutical development experts will develop and oversee the trials to ensure they meet the most rigorous international standards. CITIVA will provide its expertise in cultivating cannabis, extraction techniques and delivery method technology as well as funding.Capture3

Though we hope to develop medicines to treat a broad spectrum of diseases we are initially focused on treating the symptoms of two diseases: epilepsy and diabetes. These are conditions that, early studies suggests, may benefit from treatment with cannabinoid medicine. CITIVA hopes to create a standardized medicine that sufferers of these conditions can depend on.

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