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When treating chronic and terminal conditions, one of the most challenging aspects is symptom management. The disease and often its treatment cause undesirable effects that require treatment themselves. Both controlled studies and broad reviews of anecdotal data have suggested that cannabis can be used effectively for many kinds of symptom management for a broad range of diseases. In many cases, patients who use medical cannabis experience fewer side effects and improved outcomes than those treated with pharmaceutical drugs.


Unfortunately, doctors have a limited set of options when treating symptoms of chronic disease. Though there are many medications available to treat symptoms like pain and nausea, they are usually variations of the same kinds of chemical. Often these chemicals can pose severe health risks. A significant volume of medical literature suggests that cannabis not only alleviates many symptoms, its does so more safely and with fewer side effects than traditional pharmaceuticals. CITIVA’s research will build upon and refine the existing research by finding out, which cannabinoid formulations can best treat specific symptoms

To learn more about treating various conditions using medical cannabis from CITIVA, please visit the links below.

To learn more about symptom management with medical cannabis from CITIVA, please visit the links below.


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