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CITIVA sponsors and oversees extensive formulation research into the development of cannabinoid formulations best suited for various medical applications. Our state-of-the-art laboratories adhere to the strictest international standards of scientific excellence and efficiency. The formulations CITIVA has developed are based on years of anecdotal and observational research both around strain development and clinical indications. CITIVA is collaborating with US and international researchers to further refine these findings in a clinical setting with appropriate protocols. CITIVA’s proprietary methods and research into cannabinoid formulations have yielded and continue to yield valuable intellectual property.


CITIVA’s pharmaceutical formulations are the result of years of research and are designed to treat specific disease states. CITIVA does not follow the so-called “one size fits all” model with our pharmaceutical formulations. Each formulation contains a ratio of cannabinoids that has shown consistent effectiveness in treating a specific condition. Like typical pharmaceuticals, our formulations are developed and tested in facilities and using techniques that adhere to the strictest international guidelines for pharmaceutical development.


Nutraceuticals are dietary and cosmetic products used to preserve health and wellness and ameliorate the minor symptoms of certain conditions, such as mild pain or inflammation. CITIVA is conducting research for a line of effective nutraceutical formulations.

Bulk CBD-Rich Hemp Oil

Cannabidiol or CBD has received a lot of attention from the medical community recently, as more and more of its health benefits and medical applications come to light. CITIVA is researching methods to produce high concentration CBD oil from natural Hemp sources.

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