Research and Product Development Center 

CITIVA’s corporate headquarters are located in New York, New York.  Our flagship Research and Product Development Center was just recently completed on the medical campus of The University of the West Indies, MONA in Kingston, Jamaica.  In partnership with UWI, CITIVA is dedicated to advancing the research of cannabis for medical use and developing cannabis products for medical therapies.

Kingston, Jamaica

Our products for medical therapies are available only to residents and visitors of Jamaica at this time, when recommended by a healthcare provider.  They cannot be shipped or transferred to other individuals at any time, and cannot be carried out of the country.  If you are interested in cannabis products for medical use, and reside in or are visiting Jamaica, please consult a local medical advisor to determine your eligibility and if the products are right for you.


The United States

At this time, CITIVA does not operate or make available cannabis for medical or recreational use anywhere in the United States.  Medical cannabis in the United States has laws that vary state by state.  When legalized, each state determines the number of businesses that can hold a state license to operate and serve the people of that state.  A company that has a cannabis license for the production or distribution of cannabis does not extend beyond that state, and therefore their products cannot be shipped or carried across state lines at any time.


Future Locations

CITIVA is actively working towards operating licenses in the following locations.  Please check back with us for updates on these locations.


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