28 Legal Medical Marijuana States and DC Laws, Fees, and Possession Limits

CITIVA is proud to be working towards an active license which will allow us to offer our medical treatment options to qualified patients in Louisiana.


Louisiana became the first state in the Deep South to pass a law creating a functional medical cannabis program in 2015.  Though the state had medical cannabis law on the books since 1976 it was largely symbolic. The 2015 bill allows patients true legal access.


Currently the program is restricted to patients suffering from one of the following conditions: chemotherapy for treatment of cancer, glaucoma, and spastic quadriplegia, a rare form of cerebral palsy that causes chronic muscle stiffness. However, the number of disease states could expand during next year’s legislative session.


Should CITIVA be selected as Southern Universities cannabis cultivator, this would be our second medical university-based program and of the first of its kind in the United States.  CITIVA’s flagship Research, Cultivation and Product Development Center is located on the medical campus of the University of the West Indies with current research focused on epilepsy and diabetes amongst others.  If selected, this would allow CITIVA to bring the level of expertise needed to ensure Louisiana patients receive safe and effective cannabis medicines and expand the available research for physicians nationwide. We look forward to bringing our experience and passion to the Bayou State.

Please remember to contact your state representatives to let them know that you support legal access to advanced medical cannabis options for your state!


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