CITIVA’s Licensed Partner Program

CITIVA becomes much more effective at our mission to expand access to safe and effective cannabinoid medicines when we work with our partners across the globe. CITIVA engages in partnerships with individuals and organizations that are serious about delivering the highest quality cannabinoid medicines to patients in need of the therapy.

Since the medical cannabis industry is so new and unique in a variety of ways, it can be extremely useful to seek the expertise of those with successful experience. To develop a successful medical cannabis operation one must understand not just the horticultural aspects of it but also extraction techniques, cannabinoid profiles, medical and pharmaceutical science, legal concerns, operational efficiency, and clinical research.

It is rare for any person or organization to have all of these skills in house. Luckily CITIVA does. If you or your company would like to start a cannabis medicine operation in your home region we encourage you to contact us for more information.

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