Research & Education

CITIVA promotes research and education in various fields of science. This enables us to study, develop, and enhance our knowledge about the medicinal applications of cannabis.

Our Facilities

Our Cultivation and More plantsProduction Facilities are designed to be organic, efficient and consistent. CITIVA’s primary mission is to produce safe, clean, all natural medicines and meet the needs of our growing patient base.

 University of the West Indies- Mona Campus Research GreenhouseFile Feb 17, 2 43 46 PM

With our partners at UWI, CITIVA built a large open space greenhouse on the Mona Campus, for the purpose of researching medically beneficial strains of cannabis. Its adjacent laboratory will be used to analyze cannabinoid ratios in extracts, and produce medicines with consistent cannabinoid ratios for our clinical trials. Along with our greenhouse and laboratory, our access to the University’s research hospital provides us with a safe and controlled environment to conduct human trials. With our operational tactics, the experience and expertise of the doctors and researchers at UWI, and massive local support for the project this research facility is slated to become the world leader in cannabinoid medicine.


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Shaping the Future of Cannabinoid Medicine