Symptoms Treated with Medical Cannabis

Clinical research, studies, and anecdotal data demonstrate the benefits of using medical cannabis for symptom management.  In many cases, patients who use medical cannabis have fewer health risks associated with traditional medications as well as improved health outcomes and quality of life.

Symptom management is the primary goal of treatment protocols for many medical conditions.  Unfortunately, traditional approaches, including pharmaceuticals, give patients limited results and undesirable side effects.  Clinical studies have shown that medical cannabis not only alleviates many symptoms but achieves positive patient outcomes without harmful side effects.  Patients report that side effects from medical cannabis use are easily tolerated whereas side effects of prescription medications often exacerbate their overall well-being and health.

CITIVA is actively developing an array of medical cannabinoid formulations to ease specific symptoms. With more than 100 years’ combined experience, CITIVA can effectively advise patients on effective and safe symptom management that fits their individual needs and lifestyle.

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